Domaine Lepovo - Branding

Wine label designs have always caught my eye and inspired. I think one of the reasons is because the shape of the bottle remains the same while designers must focus on color, style and typography to make their brand visible to the consumer's eye. Domaine Lepovo is a great example of a simple, yet elegant branding work for a premium wine.

Domaine Lepovo is a premium Macedonian wine. The specific location of the vineyards create perfect conditions for the production of this high quality wine. The term ‘Domaine’ implies that the overall production process is carried out at the same location where the grapes are grown.


  • Concept, Brand Development and Art Direction: Petar Pavlov
  • Strategy Development: Marija Stosic
  • New Business Manager: Milos Stankovic
  • Creative Director: Vladimir Cosic
  • Agency: McCann Beograd

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