Drunk Aliens by Rafael Vallaperde - CGSociety TEN winner

We have featured the work of the very talented Rafael Vallaperde here on Abduzeedo in the past and we are very happy to post about him and his work once again. This time, with an awesome making-of video of his beautiful artwork called "Drunk Aliens", winner of the Modeling prize in TEN CGChallenge by CGSociety.

'I’m really happy to know this! Also surprised, because I didn't think of nailing the modeling prize! Thank you very much CGSociety The inspiration to create this image came from friends as we were playing on brainstorming something about TEN. This image was created in two months working on a second shift after work. There are many things I'd like to keep working on, but at some point you’ve just got to call it done.

Final piece


David Hornick: Great technique, attention to detail and the emotion conveyed by the three characters is bang on. Makes me smile and want to have a shot with these guys. - Judges' comments

Making of

CG Challenge-Ten Drunk Aliens from Rafael Vallaperde on Vimeo.

For more information and to check out Rafael's portfolio visit http://rafaelvallaperde.tumblr.com/

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