Editorial Design Inspiration: Creamier

Creamier brings together 100 of the most exciting contemporary artists emerging today, each chosen by prominent international curator. Original resource, Creamier truly reflects the current moment and is vital for both those in the art world and those that are new to contemporary art.

Designed by Atelier Dayakova -

The book had to be radically different from its four predecessors. A tough design problem — the content is still the same: 10 international curators choose 10 contemporary artists...but how to make it look different?

The frustration to find an original solution has propelled me to abandon traditional book format and transform Creamier into a large format newspaper. The idea is quite simple — announcing 100 new artists is a bit like making news. Inspired by the Financial Times, 300 pink unbound pages come packaged in bespoke portfolio.

Designed by Atelier Dayakova -

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