Elegant and Minimalist Web Design Ideas

I am always trying to redesign or improve Abduzeedo's web design. At least once a year it becomes reality but that doesn't mean I just tried one design. I spend considerable amount of time coming up with variations. In order to do so I am always looking for web design inspiration, especially minimalist ones. Vedad SiljakMunich has a lot of really nice explorations on his Dribbble profile. They all have that classic editorial look with great contrast in typography, excellent use of white space and imagery. Most of them seem to be just visual design explorations but they give me good references to try on Abduzeedo. If you look at the site today we are trying to make it more editorial and simpler. There's a new design coming soon that is an improvement of the current one. Our challenges are still, the degradation of data and especially the imagery. Even though we control that, we try to diversify having not the same style of imagery. Anyways, this post is about Vedad's work and I hope you get some good references to improve your web design skills.

Vedad SiljakMunich is a full-time freelance graphic and UX designer based in Munich. He is fascinated by the skate and surf culture, which we can see a little bit on the projects we shared below. For more information make sure to check out his profile at:

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