Elevating Design Through Education

Former Design Lead at Mailchimp  Aarron Walter just joined the reigns of Invision as their VP of Design Education. What does that mean? According to Aarron, joining Invision will fulfill his passion for design by helping companies to put design best practices at the center of their strategy. As a background, Aarron is also a speaker and author of the book:   Designing from Emotion from A book apart.

Over the past couple of years, InVision influenced MailChimp’s design practice, helping us work through ideas more quickly and at higher fidelity so we could be more certain of our decisions before developing. It’s become the heart of design in so many other companies, too, and the place where big decisions are made.


• Our commitment to hiring top talent who will work closely with the creative community and our nearly two million customers to extoll how to build better design-driven products.
• InVision's investment in design education worldwide, as more organizations and leaders seek to learn best practices to elevate their products and services.
• Our strides to educate and empower young designers of the future. We currently work with over 1,000 teachers at more than 500 colleges and universities worldwide to give students and faculty free InVision access to introduce them to next generation tools they’ll use throughout their careers.

For more information: http://www.invisionapp.com/

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