The Endless Soundtrack of Summer: Noon Pacific

It’s a pretty simple premise: hand-pick music from Spotify, repackage it into a beautifully designed collection of mixtapes, and deliver it weekly at 12:00 PM Pacific time.  But for something so simple, Noon Pacific has rapidly become an office staple for the team here at Abduzeedo all summer long.

Started by designer + developer Clark Dinnison, Noon Pacific has grown from a small side project into a team of nearly a dozen people, spanning from LA to NYC to London. Every week, they curate "the soundtrack to your week" and either deliver it to your inbox or upload it to one of their various platforms. Depending on which location you tune into, you'll discover new music to get you through the day, no matter what mood you happen to be in.  For example: New York City's mixes tend to be a bit more energized than the Newport Beach-ready music from LA. Beyond just curating music, they’ve grown into their own full-fledged indie label, hosting artists like Million Miles and Nightseason.

But for me, Noon is a welcome respite from all of the visual noise over on Spotify. Don’t get me wrong — I’ve been a happy Spotify subscriber for years. But instead of the text, images, and friend lists, Noon Pacific's UI is simple, clean and straight to the point. Their website is a lovely curation of simple, minimalist photographs sourced by the team (usually via Instagram contributors) paired with each week’s list of songs.

If you’re already a Spotify subscriber, Noon Pacific is free to use. Just sign in and chill out.

They’re also on Instagram, iOS, and Android.



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