Environment Design Concepts by Wojtek Fus


To me, it's always fascinating to see what artists create with the tools we all (somewhat) share nowadays. Especially for the case of  Environment Design, How artists see our world and imagine a complete different world. The tone, the atmosphere they put our minds into. Either it's for of a movie, a game or a concept, they control what we will see and how imaginative they can push us through.

In my free time I love to explore new tools and technologies and apply them to my workflow. This constant search for a new and fresh way of communicating stories very strongly drives the look of my art.

About Wojtek Fus

Wojtek is a concept designer based in Elblag, Poland. He specializes in environment design but also in character design and matte painting. Some of his recent work includes: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Horizon: Zero Dawn and many more.

For more information: check out this Artstation Profile https://www.artstation.com/artist/fus

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