Ethos Typefaces

Every Friday we post some awesome free fonts on our Friday Free Fonts, but what if we can get a new serif font on a Tuesday? For today's post I want to share a really cool font created by Florian Klauer, an art director from Bielefeld, Germany. Serif fonts always have this elegant feel and Ethos is not different, check out after the break and you understand.

Ethos is a contemporary serif font family. It comes in 36 font styles with true italics and a huge bunch of opentype features like small caps, ligatures, nominators and denominators, fractions and many more. Its x-height is pretty high, which makes it legible even on small font sizes. Above that, the lighter weights have a rather low-contrast line style, which improves the legibility on display application especially on smaller sizes. On larger font sizes, the typeface stands out with a distinctive character of geometrically shaped letters with soft rounded corners.

Each font face contains 500+ glyphs, supporting a huge amount of languages, mathematical operators, symbols and punctuations.

The fonts are available here (80% off launch-sale):

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