Even More Amazing 3D Chalk Art

A while ago Paulo made This post on 3d chalk art, when reading a magazine, I found some examples which were worth posting as well. So here's part 2! Enjoy!

Edgar Müller and Manfred Stader

Here are the first few, made by Edgar Müller and Manfred Stader, a duo which work together to make the most fabulous street paintings:

Waterfall Chalk Painting

Shark Chalk Painting

Landscape Chalk Painting

Julian Beever

After having a look at the previous artists, you can look at the amazing work of Julian Beever (also shown in the previous entry by Paulo):

Feeding Fish Chalk Painting

Beneath Every Street Chalk Painting

Ants Chalk Painting

Kurt Wenner

The following paintings were made by Kurt Wenner

Painting At Waterloo Station This Was Made At Waterloo Station, London

Kurt Wenner's Chalk Painting

Eduardo Ruiz Relero

Last but not least, the next paintings were made by Eduardo Ruiz Relero

King Chalk Painting

Dressing Up Chalk Painting

Chalk Painting Eduardo Ruiz Relero

I hope you enjoyed this post, Daan.

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