EVOKE III the 26th Exhibition by Evoke One

Recently, the online group of amazing artists, Evoke One just released their 26th exhibition simply entitled Evoke III (Three). They once again did a wonderful job experimenting and producing a beautiful set of artworks, pictures and music. Let's get inspired!

This is the first exhibit to be paired with a live gallery exhibition in Baltimore (USA), thanks to the hard work and dedication of Antony Gargasz, James Merril, Parker Gibson, Ted Yavuzkurt and more. As this exhibit is being released, people are already enjoying these works and meeting some of the artists who created them.

For more information about Evoke One and their artists, you can visit EvokeOne.com/v5 , be a fan of Evoke One on Facebook or simply follow them on Twitter @evokeone .

Kumiko Kisho - Ricardo Juarez

Liberation - Sahir Khan

Lost Paradise - Leonk

Poison - Maebh Costello

Rapture - Khyzyl Saleem

The Drop Zone - Brandon Spahn

Threshold - Disent

What Lurks in the Cave - John Mark Herkind

Wolpheus - Luca Genovese

Wu - Ian Steele

Suicide - Brandon Spahn and Parker Gibson

The East - Aengus Tukel

Ruined - Aengus Tukel

Altercation - Khyzyl Saleem

And start all over… - Sahir Khan

Antics - Antony Gargasz

Arson - Sahir Khan

Celestial Combustion - Brandon Spahn

City Limits - Sahir Khan

Evoke - Liran Szeiman

Femmes Infectées - Marvin Zelada

Gate of Hell - Leonk

Hades Vs Aphrodite - Pablo

How about a Magic… - Josh Thomas

Kaito-Yu - Ricardo Juarez

KIDS - Oliver Garels

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