Exquisite Cemetery Statues


This is probably an unexpected post. When people think about cemeteries they usually associate it with ugly, dark, scary things. But not today. There's beauty in cemeteries and it only takes us a little effort to find it.

Statues are probably the most beautiful element in any cemetery. Of course that we can easily find awful ones, but there's so much beauty to be seen that it's simply incredible these won't get more attention. I really wish it was easier to find out who the artists behind these exquisite pieces of art are. It pretty much makes art galleries out of cemeteries. I hope you enjoy my selection, and if you got your own pictures of beautiful statues, attach it to your comment. Cheers! ;)

St. Agnes Cemetery - Menands, NY - 09, Oct - 01
Picture by Sébastien Barré

Monument, Antietam National Cemetery
Picture by Tom

Exquisite Cemetery Statues
Picture by bronxbob

What's An Angel To Do?
Picture by Stephen Von Worley

Zentralfriedhof statue
Picture by Cat Simoes

Bird Whisperer
Picture by Kara Parlin

Exquisite Cemetery Statues
Picture by Luxtra

Picture by Dave R.

Bonaventure Cemetery
Picture by Scarlett Design

Grieving Angel granite Cemetery statue wings 121-2114
Picture by Brecht Bug

Exquisite Cemetery Statues
Picture by Monceau

Cemetery Statue in Sepia
Picture by Brian Leon

Cemetery Statue
Picture by WinPins

Koya-San Okunoin Cemetery Statue
Picture by Stephane Lagrange

Cemetery Statue 1
Picture by Trina Baker

Exquisite Cemetery Statues
Picture by Monceau

Bronze Green Standing Angel with Sash Woodlawn Cemetery NYC Statue 0933
Picture by Brecht Bug

Recoleta Cemetery Statue 28
Picture by Alejandro Lopez Ruiz

Picture by Jason Gendron

Cemetery Statue
Picture by Anne Mitchell

Picture by Leo Reynolds

Recoleta Statue
Picture by David

cemetery lion
Picture by Joseph J

Monumental Cemetery of Bonaria
Picture by Adrian Juniper

Exquisite Cemetery Statues
Picture by Greg/Starr

Angel in Bronte Cemetery
Picture by Pascal Vuylsteker

Virginia - Arlington National Cemetery: Major General Philip Kearny
Picture by Wally Gobetz

Haserot Statue
Picture by Jeffrey Mills

Statue Front
Picture by Brian Graves

eerie statue
Picture by Brian B.

Cemetery Detail
Picture by Stephen Frederick

Cemetery Angel
Picture by WabbyTwaxx

Highgate Cemetery West
Picture by Michelle Susan Knight

kerepesi cemetery
Picture by Andrey

Cemetery Watchdog
Picture by Elly Reynolds

Picture by Hammer

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