IN EXTREMIS: Bodies with No Regret


It's Friday and we would love to end this week with fun (it made me laugh) project on Abduzeedo. It's entitled:  IN EXTREMIS series by Sandro Giordano and it's basically short stories in a photograph about a person's world falling down. With no chance to save themselves, this is such a creative direction and series that is worth to watch and follow.

We live in a distorted world of plastic surgery, which perpetuates stereotyped images that feed a preset marketing model. I believe that perfection is in imperfection. It is in strong contrasts, in frailty, and in the humanity that makes each individual different from the rest. I hide the face of my characters in order for their BODY to speak for them. This fall is the point of no return. There’s a saying “you must hit rock bottom to start over”.

About Sandro Giordano

Before Sandro is devoting his whole time to IN EXTREMIS series, he was originally from Rome, Italy. He graduated from the "Istituto per la Cinematografia e la Televisione Roberto Rossellini" in Set Design. Follow his Instagram for more of his IN EXTREMIS series.

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