The F5 Creativity Festival Giveaway Results

On April 1st we announced an awesome tickets giveaway for the F5 Creativity Festival, set to happen in New York this April 16th and 17th. To run for the tickets, all you people had to do was to comment, as usual... and well, this was totally unexpected.

We've just received the answer from the guys from F5 about the winners. Here's their message:
I wanted our Exec Producer Carlos to choose the winners. So, we finally spoke late yesterday and we decided to give EVERYONE who posted a comment two tickets each!! How could we pick when there were so many deserving people wanting that added burst of inspiration.

That's right. Everyone who posted a comment got 2 tickets each. So, the lucky winners are: Frosty, Leo, goalexzandergo, RaSh, Adictslt, Nubiama, Matt Anderson, Ofir, Josh Beaton, landon register, theo, JeffStyle, James D., eddiedesigns, Bobby, saud, Scott Smith, Joe Hughes, Mike Moreno and Amy.

F5 is a new two-day creativity festival coming to New York City this April 16th and 17th. Created by founder Justin Cone and former OFFF Executive Producer Carlos El Asmar, F5's eclectic lineup is built around "creative collisions" - moments of lasting insight and inspiration that come from venturing outside your comfort zone and smashing into other fields.

Enjoy the Festival! ;)