Festningen Visual Identity

Oslo may win the award for most unique restaurant location in Festningen, a brasserie serving rustic French fare in what was once home to a medieval castle and former prison. We were attracted not only by the backstory but also the restaurant's brand identity. Created by design agency Uniform, the identity successfully combines historical and contemporary guidelines. The result, a melding of traditional illustrative detail, copper foil print finish and fabric texture set alongside a heavy sans-serif, a simple geometric pattern and light ink across dark substrates.

For more information on the talented Uniform visit http://www.uniform.no/prosjekt/festningen/

The sans-serif logotype provides a far more rudimentary contrast to the detail of the images and introduces what could be described as institutional utility, something that also comes through in the salmon coloured paper and simplicity of the menu layouts.

The illustrations appear authentic, likely drawn from historic stock, and have a solid combination of agriculture, livestock, cooking implements, cutlery and tools that draw together the quite disparate experiences of luxury dining and incarceration.

Source: BP&O - Branding, Packaging & Opinion http://bpando.org/2013/11/28/logo-festningen/

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