Fireball: Automatic Fire Extinguisher

To follow up from yesterday's project by a student/designer-in-the-making, we are featuring another project in product design concept. It's about a fire extinguisher with an automatic system with a thermal sensor for safe fire-fighting and you can also a lantern to escape from the smoggy fire. This concept has won 2016 K-DESIGN Awards and it's just incredible concept that can actually save lives if it was actively functional. Beautiful execution as well, props to Jae for his work!

This product helpful to the fire suppression by anyone, and also evacuation was designed. By using this method, users can suppres fire without getting close to the fire, and also evacuate at the same time.

About Jae Young Kim

Jae Young Kim is a student in Product Design currently located in Seoul, Republic of Korea. We surely do look forward to see more from him.

More information via his Behance.

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