Ford GT40 by INK Studio

I am always impressed by the level of quality and details that 3D images have nowadays. One industry that you see this exemplified is the auto industry. There are no more ads of cars that use real cars, it's all computer generated images. INK Studio illustrates that amazingly well with the beautiful work done with GT40 project. I love everything about this project, from the simplicity and minimalistic approach to showcase the even more stunning Ford GT40.

To mark its historic victory at the 2016 Le Mans, we lined the legendary Ford GT up for our Plainbody treatment in the third installment of our series. Stripped of all livery and set against a clear white backdrop, these entirely CG images give full focus to the car’s brutal yet beautiful design. - Behance

Ford GT40

About INK Studio

INK is an award-winning production studio that delivers crafted digital content across film, print and interactive platforms. Specialising in the imaginative use of technical and creative direction; our willingness to experiment with new methods and technologies allows us to continue evolving our unique visual language and ensure our work is both relevant and striking. - Behance

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