In the Forest of Sweden


With our busy life, we struggle between work, family and friends all the time. Weekends seems to be always too short. Sometimes we just wish to get out of the city (not too far), enjoy a little getaway so we can come back fresh for the beginning of the week. Well, if you are around living in the suburbs of Stockholm, UK. You should definitely pay a visit to the Tallbacken, a new Scandinavian housing concept by Henrik Schulz architects. A place where nature is your own backyard.

Tallbacken is a new Scandinavian housing concept located in the forest outside of Stockholm. The concept is aimed at couples and families of mixed ages who want to live close to nature, but still around the city. What unites them are a common lifestyle that revolves around career, active leisure and time together.

In Tallbacken you live in the forest without losing the convenience modern living. The project follows the conditions the nature provides and the houses float freely on pillars in the slopes to do minimal footprint on the surrounding environment - the forest becomes your backyard.

The houses position, height and rotation have been chosen to give each house the best possible view over the ocean. Facade materials are based on and reflects the surrounding nature. The concept is developed in collaboration with Imola and .

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