Fun Dogs in Halloween Costumes

I know, I know, not the ~design~ post you'd expect, but if there's a day not to be serious, it's Halloween. It definitely is a day to have fun and to fool around, and I've always thought dogs in halloween costumes were super funny, so it was definitely a good idea to share with you some of these wide-eyed pups in costumes.

Here you can see some very cute dogs wearing some unbelievable costumes... I gotta say my favorite is Chucky! Such creative folks! If your pets are also wearing a costume this Halloween, please share it with us! We'd love to see them. For more pictures of these cuties, please click each picture. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did. Have fun and have a happy Halloween. ;)

Happy Halloween!!

Honey Boo Pig, Halloween 2012


Princess Honey and Darth Teddy

Pirates of the Uncertain with wardrobe malfunction.


Weiner Dog, Halloween Dog Parade, Tompkins Square Park 2011 - East Village, New York City 3


Chucky costume for dog's or pets

Banana dog

Halloween for dogs

Captain Vlad Rubber Nose Jack of Borzzieshire

Chef Honey

Pork- Halloween 2010

Tina, Halloween 2007

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