Functional and visual redesign of Google News

I believe most of you guys have seen the Google News personal project that George Kvasnikov put together. In my opinion, it was a great exercise on how to apply the Material Design concepts to a real product. These kinds of projects always give us freedom to do what we think is right, however we don't have the constraints of the real world. But as a personal project the outcome is amazing and so is the presentation. It's a great example we should all follow in the presentation of our own UX projects.

Making of

Google News Redesign Concept from George Kvasnikov on Vimeo.


Since the user needs and what is needed for the successful redesign of Google News were realized, it’s time to create a site map. The main goal is to simplify the site map, as much as possible, and minimize the number of steps the user needs to do to complete the task.

After a long preparation period, I’ve focused on design. It took about 5 weeks to create designs for each page, settings, and each interactive element separately. The design is fully responsive and represents a well-thought-out UX.

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