Future London Academy’s identity for Creative Leadership

To celebrate the relaunch of Creative Leadership course, Future London Academy’s design team prepared a new bright and colorful identity! 

Being a creative leader is all about focus

Leaders create a clear vision and help others refocus their priorities and shape their career paths. To play with the idea of focus and clarity, we used blur effect and soft gradients in our new identity for this course.

Being a creative leader is also pretty much about balance

On the one hand, it is about inspiration, drive, and being creative, on the other hand — about rules, systems, and management. This is why in this identity we balanced fluid colorful backgrounds with rigid lines that add structure to the layouts. 

The condensed font is solid and dense and creates a good contrast with the lightweight blurred background and thin lines. This also reminded us of some serious newspaper – at the end of the day, this course is for very important people who have a lot on their plate and want to be up-to-date with the latest news in the industry. 


  • Vision & Programme Curator: Ekaterina Solomeina
  • Art Director: Polina Kirei
  • Design Team: Nastya Vishnyakova
  • Typefaces: Ony Future (Ony Agency), CofoMeteor (Contrast Foundry)

For more information make sure to check out Future London Academy’s website.

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