Geological Photography - Twelve Apostles


So, are you super rich and you are trying to figure where to travel next? Your search is over. Here's a super awesome place to visit, take tons of cool pictures and appreciate the breathtaking scenario. It's the Twelve Apostles.

These are rock formations in Victoria, Australia, about 190 kilometres south-west of Melbourne. It's amazing how the ocean has shaped these to the point where they're completely separated from the mounts there. If you happen to have your own pictures of this amazing spot, attach to your comment! Don't forget to visit each photographer for more great pictures! Cheers. ;)

Chris Faithfull

Geological Photography - Twelve Apostles






_ Port Campbell National Park, Victoria

Gane Kumaraswamy

The Twleve Apostles at Sunset

Troy Hutchinson

Port Campbell National Park 7


Skunk 20081024 185033 Great Ocean Road

Troy Hutchinson

Port Campbell National Park 1

Jason Hilsdon

Loch Ard Gorge Beach

YenTing Loo

Port Campbell National Park

YenTing Loo

Port Campbell National Park

Petter Sandell

Sunrise at Gibson Beach

Steve Parish

Port Campbell National Park, Vic

Anthony Grognuz

Douze Apôtres - Port Campbell National Park


Twelve Apostles (Port Campbell National Park)

Salahuddin Ahmad

A sea arch near Port Campbell National Park, Victoria, Australia


port campbell 17


Geological Photography - Twelve Apostles


Geological Photography - Twelve Apostles

Brian Aslak

Geological Photography - Twelve Apostles

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