Georain – Visual Identity

Personal projects are very important for the improvement of the design skills, there are less constraints in terms of back and forth with other decision makers but still it's a great way to try different workflows and techniques. The project that Morten Håvik shared on his Behance page is a great example. A lot of attention to detail and beautiful outcome. Make sure to check it out after the break.

Georain is a fictional weather modification company that observe, measure and monitor the atmospheric precipitation processes. When needed – like during a drought – they can initiate weather modification operations to increase the humidity in the existing clouds and boost rainfall in the drought-stricken areas. It is also possible to “over nucleate” clouds with so many particles that they hold in their moisture until they have passed over the target area, which then will get sunny weather. Georain can prevent fog at airports, stop hail damage in cities and increase snowfall at ski resorts.

For more information about Morten check out

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