Giveaway Winners: Warm Forest Flash Sites for Designers


Warm Forest has some great handcrafted, super-customizable flash templates made for designers, agencies and photographers. Here you will see how each of their template works and how easy it is to have a nice flash portfolio. Check out the winners of this great giveaway!

Thank you WarmForest for the great giveaway, if you interested in doing a giveaway contact me.


As said on the giveaway post, each theme will be given away for two people, here are the selection of winners. If you are a winner you will soon be contact by email with your winning copy.


aspenDemo 1 - Demo 2 Taylor I am actually in the process of looking for a good template to work off of for my personal site (finally, my work could be seen!). These look great! I'd love to win the "sans-serif Aspen" template (as you get a choice on their website), as I work in completely different mediums and this one seems to make the most sense for that. Regardless of whether I win one or not, I'll be keeping a close eye on their site. I love their simple design standards that make for true class, while allowing the artist's work to speak for itself. Thank you! Matarese Aspen would be sweet to have! I'm teaching myself actionscript - so those source files would probably be more valuable then the actual site.


sycamoreDemo 1 - Demo 2 Adam Out of the options I like Sycamore #1. I'm an aspiring photographer and don't have the time or money to buy and or have someone design a site. Would be very grateful to win a copy! Thanks for the opportunity! Matt Kauzlarich I would love to use Sycamore for my personal website/portfolio. It has an amazing "intimate" feel and allows you to show potential clients multiple and diverse projects. Thanks for the giveaway, Abduzeedo! ~Matt


CedarDemo 1 - Demo 2 slothglut .cedar would be perfect for moi, since i'm an illustrator/photographer from indonesia who just about to make my own website to further promote my work. .tQ, Jerry & Begi we wish we could get CEDAR and it will be replacing our old web layout. The layout is suitable for a creative agency. It's clean, unusual and still looks corporate. By the way we were a little shock with abduzeedo new design, it awesome and keep evolve in creativity
Thank you everyone for participating, will soon have some more giveaways for our reader

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