Glassy 3D Refraction Effects over Typography

You have noticed I’ve been sharing quite a few projects featuring 3D compositions that mix the use of glass/crystal objects, most of the time in abstract form, over simple text. The result is some beautiful typography and some unique chromatic effects. I don’t know much about 3D. I played with Cinema 4d in the past, but it’s much more complex that my brain can follow. So for this effect I decided to try Adobe Dimension. The TLDR is I love the tool for this type of effect. It’s quite simple to use and produces awesome results.

So for this little tutorial I will show you how I created the image below. You will be able to easily create the other effects as well. This post shares a video time-lapse. I hope that works.

Adobe Dimension Video Tutorial

Photo used for the reflection was by Sean Sinclair on Unsplash

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