Glenn Arthur Beautiful and Colorful Paintings


The first time I saw Glenn Arthur paintings I thought they were computer generated, using Photoshop brushes and other resources. But I got really surprise when I discovered it was all acrylic paints, pencil, paper, wooden canvas and other manual tools.

Glenn Arthur is a self taught visual artist from Orange County, California. Born in February of 1979, he grew up in a conservative, religious household with little to no influence in art. Although he constantly doodled and sketched as a child, Glenn did not come into painting until later in life when a friend took him by the hand to a local art store, purchased him a canvas, some paints and a few brushes and told Glenn, “You need to do this!” (Glenn's Facebook Page)

Since then Glenn has been diligently working on creating his own brand of beautifully painted images. Using acrylic paints on wooden panels, he adds in elements and influential symbols of his past and present to each piece. Beyond the aesthetics of his artwork, Glenn brings an overwhelming sense of passion to his paintings. Touching on themes of love, death, conflict and duality, Glenn’s art tells stories of strength and hope through emotion and sentiment with his sensual beauties and signature hummingbirds. (Glenn's Facebook Page)

For more details of Glenn Arthur and his work, access his Myspace or his Facebook.

Written by

Marcos Torres

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