Gorgeous Illustrations by Kelly Vivanco


Some of you might know how freaked I get whenever I run into illustrations that I find amazing. These ones literally stunned me, because the skills of Kelly Vivanco are just endless. This is art.

I wish I had all of these hanging on my walls. Seriously. And what I love the most about these is their atmosphere... somewhat eerie, somewhat mysterious. Kelly's trace is just amazing, and her coloring is absolutely baffling. Ok, I felll in love with Kelly's art. I absolutely recommend you to visit her portfolio at Flickr. She's got tons of art over there. I hope you enjoy these. Cheers! ;)


"Jughead Hat"

SATELLITE EXHIBIT @ The Portsmouth Museum of Art

My art for Wiens Family Cellars

"The Admiral"

"Mystic Squirrel"

"Rogue Concern"

"Boy With Hammer"

"Creative Thinking"

"Glósóli Sleep"

"Mr. Frogger"

Where to Hide


"Leaf Hat"






"Blanket Fort" for the Thinkspace 5 Year Anniversary Show


"Knapsack" painting

"Fetching Sticks" for the Mute of Hounds show at Gallery Meltdown

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