Grafitti Masters

This selection includes information about the artists and a lot of photos of their work, a lot of graffiti artists do a lot of great pieces but these guys just kill it. Artists from all over the world that you can miss out. I'll try to keep this post going as a series to bring more of this for you.


Born in Brazil, Binho Ribeiro is one of the main names of the world's street art, and one of the pioneers from Brazil and the South America, The artist conquers respect wherever he goes: San Thiago, Buenos Aires, Nagoya, Tokyo and almost every state of Brazil has been the stage for his unmeasured talent. His street work is so good that he actually got called to do some illustrations for Nescau, did ad campaigns to Ford, Brasil Telecom, Skol, and much more. Binho has a style that brings life to every element of his creation. He is an editor of the magazine "Graffiti", loves skate with passion, and also loves the business world.
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Greg Simkins was born in 1975 in Torrance California, just south of Los Angeles. He grew up with a menagerie of animals including a number of rabbits, which often emerge in his paintings. He began drawing at the early age of three and was inspired by various cartoons and books. Some standout books that still find there way into his art are Watership Down by Richard Adams, The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis and The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster. Simkins’ art continued to progress to the age of 18, when he started doing graffiti under the name Craola. Graffiti art became his impetus for creating and gave him the confidence to paint large works. In addition, it taught him perspective, color theory and further developed artistic skills, which later translated into his work with acrylics. After receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art from California State University of Long Beach in 1999, Simkins worked as an Illustrator for various clothing companies. He later moved on to Treyarch/Activision where he worked on video games including Tony Hawk 2X, Spiderman 2 and Ultimate Spiderman while attempting to paint with every free minute he had. In 2005, Simkins pursued his desire to paint as a full time artist. Since then, he has been featured in numerous group exhibitions and has successfully sold out four solo exhibitions. His art is seen in a wide variety of industries from clothing to video games and has also come to life in the form of toys. His client/collaboration list includes Disney, Mattel, Upper Playground, Juxtapoz, To Die For, Vans, Converse, AFI, Saosin, Gym Class Heroes, Pennywise, STRANGEco, Ningyoushi, Kid Robot, Zero Friends, Epitaph, Dark Horse, Iron Fist and Pulse International. Simkins’ artwork currently appears in galleries throughout the country.
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Involved in the graffiti movement since 1989, Asylm began his quest to develop a recognizable graff style on the walls of the Los Angeles River. Amazed to see what could be created with simple cans of spray paint, Asylm felt he could contribute a different flavor to the graff scene of Los Angeles. Understanding its essence at an early age, for Asylm graffiti was not only an art form that was economically affordable, but in a sense, an introduction to art. Asylm’s work is generally quite beautiful, combining bright colors with flourishes of metallic and pearlescent silver and gold paint. His graff and canvas work can often combine realistic depictions of nature such as humming birds or flowers along with wild style depiction of words and letters over an abstract background. His spirituality trances in his work and depicts that nature and the urban landscape can coexists in harmony.
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Os Gemeos

Os Gêmeos (Portuguese for The Twins) are graffiti artist identical twin brothers (born 1974) from São Paulo, Brazil, whose real names are Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo. They started painting graffiti in 1987 and gradually became a main influence in the local scene, helping to define Brazil's own style. Their work often features yellow-skinned characters, but is otherwise diverse and ranges from tags to complicated murals. Subjects range from family portraits to commentary on São Paulo's social and political circumstances, as well as Brazilian folklore. Their graffiti style was influenced by both traditional hip hop style and the Brazilian pixação movement. read more For more visit

My Quotes I know you are going to mention tons of artists that I missed, or that I should know. Through the process of witting this post I realize there are thousands of graffiti masters all over the world and little by little I want to give these artists a good spotlight here and show you the great works they done. So pretty soon you will be meeting more and more graffiti masters. Thank you,

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