Graphic Design and 3D: Impossible Interior

Impossible interior is a 3D and graphic design project created and shared by Anton Egorov on his Behance profile. It's amazing to see how designers and artists can express themselves in super creative ways, especially when having the right tools to do so. This project is a great example. Anton used the Penrose triangle, a geometric form that seems impossible due to the way our brain parses the information. He applied that to a imaginary bar. The result is mind-twisting. 

Anton is a self-taught artist living in a small town in Russia. He's worked with many major brands around the world like Adobe, AMD, Asus and Toyota. Sometimes he worked directly sometimes via advertising agencies like DDB, Edelman, Saatchi&Saatchi and Y&R. Anton's key tools are Photoshop and a bunch of 3D apps.

I enjoy any kind of photo-real illustrations but my major passion is infographics the reason being I'm fond of simple explanations of complicated things. I prefer to begin projects from scratch creating ideas and sketches which evoke emotions and deliver clear and precise messages.

Graphic design and 3D concept

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