Graphic Design: Keep On Rolling Skateboarding Deck Design

Keep On Rolling Deck is a typography, illustration and graphic design project shared by Ink Bad Company on their Behance profile. I am a fan of skaboarding. I was a amateur trying to be professional skateboarder myself in the past. Spent an enormous amount of hours on the streets practicing and of course breaking boards. There's something about your deck design that makes skateboarding unique. There's so many styles, colors and variations. Your board is almost an extension of you and your style. The design Ink Bad Company created for this board has definitely a classic, almost old wild west mood. Below you can see a bit more of the process behind as well as the amount of details.

Ink Bad Company is the design studio and alter ego of JC Guerrero, illustrator based in Valencia (Spain). Devoted to the study of the mass culture through the dotted halftone; his work maintains a completely unnecessary link with the paper and some immature details to refine. To date, however, the guy have managed to work with many respectable clients across the world, in fields such as the advertising, packaging, editorial or lettering.

Graphic Design

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