Graphic Design Love: United Nations International Peace Stamps

We're all in need of a little peace these days and we just love this new project of designing International Peace Stamps by New York-based bespoke design consultancy Stranger & Stranger. As one can fathom, designing International Peace stamps for 193 nations presents a big communication challenge so the crafty team at Stranger & Stranger developed universal themes around uniting enemies, equality, breaking down barriers and complimentary opposites. The resulting illustrations, typography and color palette come together in a beautiful bow worthy of international praise. Be sure to also check out more work by this inspiring design firm on Behance and stay tuned for an upcoming post showcasing some of their gorgeous packaging design for wines, beers, and spirits. 


Stranger & Stranger is an award-winning packaging design company specialising in the alcoholic drinks industry. We're based in London, New York City and San Francisco.

We research, name and register brands worldwide. We design bespoke bottle shapes, labels, closures and all secondary packaging. We create all marketing support material and environment dressing, and we supervise production to the highest standards.