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When you have a poster, a flyer or even a website, the dimensions of those documents or the layouts are defined by the customer. So you just enter the sizes in your favorite software, and that's it, you're ready to design.

However, there are some projects which are a bit more difficult to work on. Cds, Dvds, cd covers, lettres or postcards have particular standard sizes, even for the web, there are some sizes for banners, screen resolutions, font-sizes, form elements, and much more.

Because of that, it's always good to know these standards, and the Designertoolbox is a great place to find them. In this website, you can download for free the templates you need to design all type of printed materials, of any sizes, and any shape. From CD labels, covers, to Foldings, all of them with templates to be downloaded.

Now, if you are a web designer, there are very useful things on their site. You can downlad form elements of the major browsers in PSD. Also there are artilces like Standard Online Banner Sizes and Understanding Fonts on the Web.

Designertoolbox is definitely a site to have in your bookmarks. Just download the template you've chosen, and begin to work.

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