Ground-1 Tokyo


I've always been fascinated by the nature of the underground installations, many elements come to mind about its architecture, light settings, subway, daylight regression and basically the whole atmosphere. A place where it got me even more fascinated was the underground life while I was in Tokyo, Japan. It feels like you're in a different World, you noticed a lot of people surfing on their mobile devices and sleeping (a LOT). Every angle tells a different story and feels straight like a movie scene. The work from Skander Khlif captures everything that I just said so well. It was a delight to explore this city and I can't wait to go back.

Tokyo is the most fascinating and bizarre city in the world! One of the reasons is for sure the subway.

About Skander Khlif

Skander is a photographer based in Munich, Germany. He travels the World and capture the beauty from his lenses. He focuses this work into photography, photojournalism and digital photography.

More information via Behance.

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François Hoang

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