Homepolish Visual Identity by Leo Porto

Branding is one of the most fascinating areas of design, at least in my opinion. Synthesizing a generic term or subject into a simple and understandable form is the challenge designers face in creating branding identities. From beautifully crafted typography to simple and sometimes spartan symbols, we see a lot of examples out there, some are good, some are okay. It's not an easy task, but Leo Porto exemplifies this process extremely well on his project for Homepolish.

Homepolish is an interior design company based in New York that was conceived as an alternative to the high-priced, commission-based interior designer. The rebrand was completed to emphanize the approachable and affordable character of the company, differenciating themselves from the "high-end" competition. The mark, a minimal geometric grid, abstractly portrays the initials "H" and "P", while also illustrating a simple floorplan.

For more information visit http://leoporto.com/

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