Hong Kong City Maze


The feeling that you're exploring a city/place where you've never been, your eyes are looking all over the place. You are wearing your best comfortable shoes ready to walk long hours and lose yourself at wandering. All your gear, camera, phone, chargers and backpack set for an adventure and capturing your next photos. That feeling. Let's follow Ekaterina Busygina on her first time in Hong Kong and its tall skyscrapers. A different world to explore.

Imagining your first trip to Hong Kong, we can represent anything. But the first impression will still be with nothing comparable, as getting into a completely different world.

About Ekatetina Busygina

Ekaterina is a Photographer based in Moscow, Russian Federation. Aspiring her work through architecture, design in all forms and manifestations. You should definitely check out her Instagram.

More information: http://ekaterinabusygina.com.

Written by

François Hoang

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