How to Sell Art Online - Ebook Giveaway


A few weeks ago we had an awesome article on how to promote your work online, where we told you the best sites to use as portfolio and all that. Today, we've got something really awesome for you guys. It's a Ebook called "How to Sell Art Online", which Gino Orlandi, the founder of Fuel for Art, gently gave us 2 copies.

To get your hands in this fantastic ebook, all you have to do is send us a message via Twitter, telling us why you wanna win "How to Sell Art Online". The best 2 answers will get the prizes. This is something you guys really shoud got in your virtual bookshelves!

“Fuel for Art Has All of the Inside Secrets About How to Sell Art Online That the Successful Artists Don’t Want You to Know.”

Fuel for Art is a Must-Have for:

  • Graphic designers who are looking to sell their work online
  • Any type of fine artist that would like to make a great living doing what they love
  • Career changers who are finally ready to maximize their creative talents
  • Anyone poised to share their creative talents with the world…and make a profit!

How to Sell Art Online.

Artist, Brand Thyself!

Did you know that you are a brand? You must develop an effective and memorable brand identity in order to Stand Out as a Successful Artist that can be taken seriously. Fuel for Art will show you how with lots of great tips culled from years of personal and business experience:

  • How to visualize and accomplish your goals as an artist
  • Creating an Effective Brand for your artist’s persona
  • Networking in the artist’s community
  • The best places to sell your art online
  • How to make the most money possible as an artist
  • Being a business-savvy artist
  • And much, much more!

So don't forget! To win this Ebook, you must send us a message via Twitter, telling us why you wanna win "How to Sell Art Online". The best 2 answers get theses babies home! Good luck everyone!

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Paulo Gabriel

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