"I love fur" iOS Game Design

I have been a fan of Nina Geometrieva for quite a long time. We featured some of her projects here in the past, mostly illustrations like the "What Space Really Looks Like" or "Expired Shapes". However she has been focusing more on UX/UI projects. The cool thing is that she is still adding her illustration magic on this projects. The "I love fur" game is a perfect example, this time for an iOS game design. It's an iOS game that let you pet different kinds of fur. The illustrations and color palette is just beautiful. Check it out.

"I love fur" is an iOS game where you can pet different kinds of mythologically strange beings that happen to have different furs and sensibilities. - Behance

iOS Game Design

Nina Geometrieva is the Design Lead at Grab currently based in Singapore. For more information make sure to check out http://www.geometrieva.com/

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