IBM – Project Debater Motion Design

Bruno William collaborated with the talented team of Perception NYC developing different concepts, aesthetics and motion tests for one of the ambitious projects of IBM - Project Debater, an advanced Artificial Intelligence technology capable of forming and articulating arguments based on research and facts in real-time. 

The main goal and challenge were to create a "persona", a visual representation that was approachable and engaging, also, it needed to be capable of conveying subtle emotions like thought, confidence, humor and disagreement. 

Bruno William covered a wide variety of explorations from 2D/3D solutions to Abstract and Experimental while understanding and visualizing what felt right for the Debater.

You can learn more about the project and see it in action HERE as well as some more in-depth insights on the Perception Website.

3D Humanized Busts

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Abstract Orbs

Abstract Avatar Representations

Credits List

  • Client: IBM.
  • Studio: Perception NYC.
  • Creative Director: John LePore.
  • Producer: Eric Daly.
  • Designer / Animator: Bruno William.

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