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Icon design is a craft that requires some incredible amount of skills. It's all about creating simple representation of actions, products or services that can be use in interfaces. It sounds simple however these icons have to be understandable in various different sizes, from 16x16 pixels up to 512x512 pixels.

We haven't post much about icons but today we want to share with you a post showing a little bit of the workflow behind icon creation. Denis Pakhaliuk from Ramotion wrote this post listing the 5 step process they use to create icons.

In the end we also have the full set for free to download

1. Brainstorming

We discuss the icon with designers and looking for the most appropriate metaphor. As soon as everyone agree to choose one metaphor we start next phase.

2. Sketching

We usually design 3-5 pencil sketches of approved metaphor. And then we meet again and discuss which icon we love the most. And eventually choose one sketch.

3. Photoshop rendering

Based on approved pencil sketch we start to render it at Photoshop. Then, we create the main shapes and continue to work out the details.

4. Improving details

On this stage we work with a lots of references for better understanding of materials and lighting. Very important to design each icon the way when it's clear at a glance. We exaggerate the effects so that the user can recognize what we want to say.

5. Final approve

We meet again and see if we love the icon. Then we do final revision and finalize icon.

Full Resolution

Download free icon set

Download icon set

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