Illustration to Ease One’s Mind - Designer’s Self-therapy

Aga Lut is a freelance graphic designer. To ease her mind and to relax after her commercial work, she started to illustrate. “I used to illustrate people a lot, but I’ve grown bored of it.” - she says.  One of the main reasons was that she felt she was lacking her own unique style; many illustrators do something similar, and maybe it’s a good opportunity to experiment. So she said goodbye to digital painting and started her adventure with vectors. Quite a rewarding one, she adds.

I missed painting on canvas a bit, but I definitely didn’t want to get dirty nor had I space for all that gear, so I started to wonder: how can I convert a bit of painting to vectors, not as a digitalized brushes, but in a modern way? I came up with simple shading which reminded me of strong brush strokes on canvas. I developed a geometrical style of portraying animals. And started to talk about my feelings through it. My illustrations are mostly a form of self-therapy.



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