The Importance of Sharing - FITC presentation

We have been talking about sharing and how it's important for designers to share for quite a long time. However, we didn't believe in that when we first started the blog back in 2006. We thought it wouldn't matter or make any difference. Today after these almost 6 years we are very sure that sharing is one of the most important things not only for designers but any kind of professional in this Internet age.

We will share here what we presented at the latest FITC event in Amsterdam on why sharing is important.

You help others

This might sound so obvious and in fact it is. The fact that you are helping someone else would be enough to share more. However there's much more here than you think.

By sharing work, you help other people and people feel very thankful for you helping them. You create a powerful bond between you and your audience based on social norms as Dan Ariely mentions on his book Predictably Irrational, Revised and Expanded Edition: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions . This same audience will spread out your work because they want to share as well.

When we keep social norms and market norms on their separate paths, life hums along pretty well. Take sex, for in stance. We may have it free in the social context, where it is, we hope, warm and emotionally nourishing.

By sharing you knowledge you will also become more motivated because you want to make sure you are sharing something that useful and worth sharing.

You will learn a lot and get more confident

When you start sharing your inspiration and your work as we started doing on Abduzeedo, you get extremely motivated and end up finding some many cool new things everywhere.

  • You learn about new designers
  • You learn about server and programming in our case with all the down sizes.
  • You learn to be more efficient and do things faster because you also need some time off.
  • You can learn another language, like most of the writers are not native speakers... that explains all the typos hah!
  • You meet so many amazing people, like because in the end we are an amazing community where everyone tries to do better, evolve and the way we do is by pushing one another through our work.

You also get more confident because you put yourself out there. That will be very useful for your designer career in the future, especially when you will have to deal with non-designers when explaining your work.

You become more open to feedback

As we mentioned before, you will gain by sharing you will learn more and will be more confident. That will make you more open to feedback and criticism. Which is essential for our evolution. We believe that it's only through different points of views and ideas that we can learn.

Your learn how to filter constructive criticism from what is just words.

"...abduzeedo, sincerely, this design is crap! of all people you should know better, please change it back!...” - comment about our new design.

We receive all sorts of comments like the one above, that of course it is useless, but you learn how to not get affected by this type of comment

...To be honest? I like the old theme more than this one. I love new things, but this isn't it... I'm a reader of abduzeedo for the past 2 years. You won't lose me, you come up with interesting posts. Maybe it's just me, I have to accept the theme, dunno. Menu is looking good, but I think there is too less space between the thumbs on the homepage...maybe a bit more margin?”

We also receive very good comments, that help us to see things we miss because we are so used about the work we are doing that those details pass unseen.

It is the easiest way to promote your work

The best way to promote yourself is by sharing. In the beginning we thought that sharing what we know would be used against me in the future because we thought we’d be teaching my enemies.

As we’ve said, you learn so much and evolve as a designer but also create an environment where people spread your work and spread your work quickly.

  • In technical terms you will be linked more, and get better SEO, making it much easier to be found.
  • So companies pay a lot of attention about the participation on open source projects when hiring candidates
  • It really shows that your passionate about because you found time to share that.

We got some many work just because people knew our work from the tutorials on the blog. We also got the chance to work with clients we never thought we would work for such as Wired Magazine, Adobe, MSNBC and others.

It can make a difference in your career and your life

The message I want to leave here for you withs this post is that everything we said here today doesn’t apply to us only. Actually we had to lose everything to find that out. And despite the fact we cannot predict the future, we can in some way make it better:

  • by doing your best.
  • by doing your best.
  • by trying to go that little extra when others settle for good enough.
  • and one of the most important things, by sharing what you learn so you can always have other amazing people to push you to become better.

Everyone can learn and share more, help more other people and in the end you will be evolving without even noticing.

In this day and age it is super easy to do. The resources we have as designers are endless and everything is free, From starting a blog to building a community and create an audience. The only thing you have to do is simply find the time and dedication to follow your passion and make it happen.

Think Less and Do More!

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