36 Days of Type 2020 by Dima Abrakadabra

Dima Abrakadabra shared his submissions for the #36DaysofType and thought it should totally be featured on ABDZ. Aside from the style and the aesthetics, this series totally caught my attention because I am currently the Japanese language, more specifically the 'hiragana script' for starters. As much as it is hard to learn something new as you are likely less wired as you get older. For this roundup, Dima took the visual approach to be playful on how the typography will be displayed through its kerning almost graffiti-like. It's fantastic, please enjoy!

About Dima Abrakadabra

Dima is a lettering and calligraphy artist based in Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation, make sure to follow his typographic projects on Behance

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