Adobe hires Val Head as Design Evangelist and UX Innovation

Our friends over Adobe recently announced the hire of Val Head, a Pittsburgh-based author and professional that specializes her work into UI animations across interfaces. She will be working as design advocate focusing on UI/UX animations reporting to Khoi Vinh from the Adobe Design team. Let's get to meet her.

Who is Val Head? She is a web and UI animation professional specializing in motion style guides and web animation training. She is the author of Designing Interface Animation, teaches the course CSS Animation and curates the weekly UI Animation Newsletter.

In their words

UX/UI design is quickly becoming an essential component of a digital strategy, making now an exciting time to join Adobe and the team behind Adobe XD. Interface animation also is becoming an essential part of great digital experiences. Industries such as media, enterprise software, and even finance are getting creative in how they leverage UI animation to improve the customer experience. For example, in the media industry, publications are designing interactive editorial features for readers to dive deeper into information. I’m excited to join a passionate team committed to creating new tools that support and evolve the way we enable richer, more intuitive digital experiences.

At Adobe, Val will work closely with the teams building tools for the UX design community, including Adobe Experience Design CC (XD), an end-to-end tool to design, prototype and share wireframes, high-fidelity designs and interactive prototypes within one app. She will also serve as an evangelist for UI design tools and skills among designers and developers, and bring awareness to the importance of UI design in branding and digital customer experiences.

The field of UX/UI design is still emerging, and many of these jobs didn’t even exist 10 or 20 years ago. We hired Val as part of our strategy to continue bringing new thinking and ideas to the Adobe design team. Val is a widely respected subject matter expert in the field of UX design, and will add valuable insight as our team continues to innovate Adobe XD and Adobe’s next generation of design tools. - Khoi Vinh, Principal Designer at Adobe

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