Aerial Geometric Landscapes

Meet Vipurva Parikh, a seasoned photographer hailing from India with 20+ years of snapping stunning shots under his belt. He's traveled the world capturing everything from portraits to automobiles and still life. These days, he's taking to the skies for a series of aerial landscapes that'll soon be available as art prints on paper and canvas. When he's not in Mumbai, you'll find him in a charming Himalayan village. His latest work focuses on the interplay between man-made and natural elements, creating abstract and awe-inspiring compositions from a bird's-eye view.

I started by shooting the coastlines around India and then salt-pans in the state of Gujarat in India. My most current work covers prairies shot across BC and Alberta in Canada during harvest season. The lines created by the combine harvester and the bales of hay drying in the sun come together to produce interesting vistas of colors and shapes. 

 Vipurva Parikh

For more information make sure to check out Vipurva Parikh's website

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