Captivating and nonsense in 3D series by Roman Bratschi

As I am finalizing my next 'thoughts on' how I am reflecting my move to Switzerland. It's an ABDZ tradition to scramble around Behance to find and discover designers and artists from the beautiful country I am currently living in. There are so many finds and many talented designers to feature on Abduzeedo, this is the beginning of something new. As starters, we are looking at this nonsense (a play on words) 3D series and it has been designed by Roman Bratschi. What's intriguing about this series is actually the nonsense aspect of it, it does make no sense but that's what unique about Roman's work.

Cinema 4D & Digital Art

About Roman Bratschi

Roman Bratschi is a 3D designer based in Sarmenstorf, Switzerland. His Behance profile is a combination of *cough 'nonsenses' made in 3D. It's quite inspiring, and to be honest to create by using a digital medium and at the same time without any creative consideration whatsoever.

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