Drone Photography with Dirk Dallas


I feel we are still in the state of novelty while talking about  Drone Photography. Why? There's isn't that much of it out there yet, I might be wrong but this is my thought. I also a great fan of those who pushes the limits of this tool/hardware to capture different angles and perspective rarely seeing before. It's a totally different vision and we can't help to be inspired by it. We would love to share this might be our first feature on Drone Photography and let's take a look at Dirk Dallas's perspective of the World.

I have been shooting at eye-level for years. I needed a new challenge.

About Dirk Dallas

Dirk is a designer, photographer and educator living in Southern California, USA. Last year, he got himself a DJI Phantom Quadcopter and he has been obsessed with Aerial Photography ever since.

For more information: http://fromwhereidrone.com and follow him on Instagram.

Written by

François Hoang

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