Eden "26 Days of Type" blends 3D & Typography

I talked in the past about how much I love the 36 days of type challenge (http://www.36daysoftype.com/) - I’ve never done it, however I always feature designers and illustrators that took the challenge and succeeded. That’s the case Eslam Mohamed, even though he forked the guidelines to create the “26 Days of Type” called Eden, a beautiful example of blending 3D and typography. “As he mentions: creatively designing letters is a good thing, but constructing something using letters is an extra step beyond.” This is the core of his project " Eden 26 Days of type " where every letter has a place in "Eden". Every letter is a place with a story, which is side by side makes Eden have a soul.

Why am I named the city "Eden"? Because it's simply like it. In all religions, Eden is the start of humanity. In my Eden, the letters become more than just letters, and both have a view.

3D Typography


Making Of

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