Film Poster Illustration by Cristian Eres

Cristian Eres is a fantasy and sci-fi illustrator from Valencia, Spain. His illustration style is influenced by numerous European sci-fi artists, although his main reference is the master of masters, Moebius. And one shouldn’t forget to mention the Japanese Katsuhiro Otomo, Miyazaki and Roger Dean. Cristian works on digital support but he does it by using the traditional ink drawing technique. He enjoys making large landscapes where his knowledge of perspective plays a fundamental role and he challenges himself with complex compositions in which scale changes become the highlight. 

In terms of subjects, Cristian works in the world of the alternative film poster making limited edition serigraphs of his favorite sci-fi, fantasy, and animated films. In them, he does not settle for copying scenes or faces of actors, but rather, uses his imagination to show his own perspective of the film. He has also worked for the music industry creating graphic material for well-known groups and musicians.

If you love Cristian work, he also found time and made an online course for Crehana on composition, perspective and different drawing and color techniques to create a science fiction illustration in Photoshop.

For more information make sure to check out Cristian website. 

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