Gaming Console Series by Tyler Pate

Old school console is making a slow comeback in our household. Most of us have been staying in confinement during the holidays. Away from the relatives, kids going aloud for the season' greetings and we can understand them. I had to pull off the shelves, one of the SNES Classic Edition to keep those monsters controlled. Tyler Pate is an art director/graphic designer, illustrator, and all-around creative from Florence, SC. He published a series of illustrations of Nintendo past consoles made with the Wacom, they are sublime. Give them a look!

Pate is currently working as a full-time freelancer and illustrator, pushing his abilities and developing innovative solutions for brands and companies. Follow him on his website

Growing up has always been surrounded by video games and consoles. Each year brought so many hours in front of the television screen. Nothing could ever compare to the vintage distressed memories of the nintendo consoles I've grown to love so much.


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