Grid Pad. Grids with infinite possibilities.

Formist Editions’ new release is Grid Pad, a pad on which to think, draw and create. Grids with infinite possibilities. Grid Pad is a playful notebook of tear off cards, featuring six different grid designs. Whether you call it art or a plan or a doodle or a design, Grid Pad offers creative freedom while giving your ideas structure. Each page is perfect for pens, pencils or paint to create everything from works of art and greeting cards to 3D drawing and accurate geometry, to soulful patterns and abstract games. The choice is yours.

Grid Pad sprang to life as Formist founder Mark Gowing often utilises grid systems when creating. When it came to finding notepads with multiple grids to explore, the selection was limited. So Formist decided to make their own notepad using six of their favourite grids, and to share it with the world. Grid Pad was born.

"Grids are everywhere. They govern the laws of nature, art and design. They provide structure and substance, but can also be used to create abstraction and can be surprisingly liberating." —  As Mark Gowing explains.

Grid Pad Number 1 includes various grid patterns perfect for type design; diagonal grids that could be used for calligraphy guides or 3D drawings; circular grids that can inspire decorative dot patterns or fluid compositions. Hexagons and octagons offer open interpretation that allow you to lose yourself in a stream of consciousness. The possibilities are endless.

Grid Pad Number 1

  • 6 different grids
  • 96 cards
  • 110 × 157 mm
  • Gum bound
  • 250gsm board
  • FSC, ISO longlife
  • ECF chlorine free
  • Design: Mark Gowing.  

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