Highlife Branding

Angello Torres shared a branding design work for the Highlife festival. There are a lot of cool references in the work, from the composition that works in different directions and configurations as well as the whole branding material with illustrations and patterns. Some inspired by ancestry African art. 

Based on the museum concept, we develop different layout proposals. These function as containers for the visual landscapes that are the central figure of each piece. The minimalism of the typographic layout allows the visual compositions to show off and maintain the legibility of the important data of each piece. Frames and margins are also found in the layout, these were referenced in the structures proposed by the layouts of catalogs and art books, which take care of the work at the time of its manipulation.



  • Client: Highlife
  • Partners: Emanuel Dobao, Tomas Palazzo, Ariel Harari, Sergio Guevara
  • Director & Lead Designer: Angello Torres
  • Designers: Lucas Rodriguez, Pamela Blanco
  • Animator: Charly Dhave, Fifi Lachimia

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